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Life doesn't always go smoothly. Every day you face situations where your self-control will be challenged. Feelings of frustration and stress become outbursts of anger, wreaking havoc throughout your life.
Does this sound like you or someone you know?
  • Do you wish you had more control over your emotions in stressful situations?
  • Do you often regret your actions when you loose your temper and wish you had handled the situation differently?
  • Do co - workers and superiors view your anger as unprofessional?
  • Are angry outbursts and confrontations straining your relationship with your family?
  • Have you been told by a friend or a legal institution that you need anger management?
If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, there are actions you can take and we can show you how.

Would you rather control your anger or be free of it?

Our approaches to anger management  are elegant, easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself systems that will show you how to access your natural ability to let go of any negative thought or feeling on the spot - including all forms of anger and rage. Itís not just about controlling your anger, it's about letting go of your anger.

You can use our approaches - EFT or the Sedona Method - in any situation in your life to get immediate relief from the effects of anger and resentment whenever you feel you are losing control of your anger. Our approaches can also help you to easily break the patterns of thought and behavior that cause this form of self-sabotage to reoccur.

Let your negativity and your anger dissolve on the spot.

When you feel that you are about to lose control, simply apply our easy-to-use techniques, and you will feel the tightness leaving your stomach, shoulders and chest. In its place, you will feel ease, relaxation and confidence. You will no longer feel angry and out of control, stressed and frustrated. Feeling more relaxed, you will be capable of handling whatever life throws at you more easily. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will have the clarity of mind to say and do what is appropriate and natural in order to master any life situation
Your key to going beyond anger management

Although anger management classes, counseling and therapy do seem to work in helping you move in the direction of anger management, we would like to show you how to rid yourself of the inner cause of unwanted anger. Our approaches are powerful and complete systems on their own that can also be used to get more out of any other program for anger management.

You don't have to struggle with anger management anymore.

What would your life be like if you were free of anger? Take a brief moment right now and think about what that would feel like. Imagine that from this moment forward, you experience nothing but joy and calm in any given situation at least 90 percent of the time for the rest of your life.

You may be saying - "You don't know my problems. My life sucks.  Or, "That's just life. I've always felt this way and I probably always will.  But that's not how it has to be. If you are not having the experience of happiness and fun in any situation, then you may be holding feelings that do not allow you to experience your own natural sense of well-being. In other words, if you do not feel as happy, confident and positive as you desire, it is for one simple reason: you are literally holding feelings that actually prevent you from experiencing joy.

The good news is here

The good news is that the feelings you have are just feelings. They are not you and they are not facts. You can let these feelings go just as easily as you can let an object you are holding drop to the ground. These feelings you hold will only prevent you from having exactly what you want for as long you hold them. Whether you choose to hold them for the rest of your life or whether you choose to release them right now - the decision is yours.

Would I rather be angry? Or would I rather be happy?

As we work with you teaching you our approaches you will find over time that the very situations and experiences that you used to find the most exhausting or disturbing will become less and less so, until you may even forget that you used to have those kinds of experiences.

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