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Visualisation, Meditation and Deep Relaxation

As human beings we have an abundance of potential to lead satisfying and happy lives. Unfortunately, many of us don't realise this and we often get swamped by what we see as our 'problems'.

Some of the very positive things we can do for ourselves to see these problems in their true perspective (as molehills rather than mountains) is through Visualisation, Meditation and Deep Relaxation.


With the amazing human ability to imagine, we can literally draw desirable (or undesirable) circumstances to us. You may have noticed that the person who thinks of health and sees him/herself as healthy is usually healthy, and the person who worries and obsesses about accidents has more accidents than others.

The same applies to any endeavour.  Basketballers have been tested to show their accuracy improve when imagining sinking the ball with free-throws moreso that actual practice.  Golfers are instructed to imagine their drives as straight and long, and their putts going in the hole.

In counselling and therapy we show clients how they can create the 'happier' situation by frequently imagining the joy and circumstances as if it were already so.

Our imagination is an incredible human gift that most people use by default (and frequently imagine the worst) rather than using this ability to design their lives.


There are many different forms of meditation. One of the most notable benefits of meditation is to calm a troubled spirit.  Meditation is a non-religion process that simply involves letting go of attachment to thoughts and feelings that occur in your life.

With meditation you can quickly develop a mindset of peace and tranquility that blossoms into a calm confidence.  Once you learn to recognise that your thoughts and feelings are transient and do not define you unless you attach to them, you will experience an unexpected freedom.  We teach a very simple yet powerful meditation that you can begin to practice immediately.

Deep Relaxation

When you carry residual tension in your muscles you are already in a heightened state of alertness.  That's fine and protective if you are in any sort of danger situation, but for most of us that's not the case. 

Muscle tension accumulates because of the Fight/Flight Response - an automatic survival mechanism that was useful when we were being chased by bears or fighting in wars. That doesn't happen to many of us any more.  Unfortunately, the F/F Response is also triggered by anxiety, and many of us have anxieties about all sorts of things.  So, we accumulate residual muscle tension.  'Stress' is the usual complaint - and that's caused by anxiety.  And we all know that stress leads to all sorts of illnesses.

By learning and practicing deep relaxation you will condition your body to quickly let go of residual tensions and safeguard yourself from many modern illnesses.

Deep relaxation is also a side-door to the subconscious mind and makes the process of visualisation much more powerful.  You may recall that a skilled hypnotist induces a deep relaxation very quickly before he/she makes hypnotic suggestions.  With a little practice you can achieve the same degree of relaxation and use the power of visualisation to 'design your own life'.

We frequently help clients with guided visualisations, teach them the simple practice of meditation, and take them through a gradual relaxation to help them learn the processes they can then apply for themselves.

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