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Telephone Counselling

Since it isn't always convenient to see a therapist face-to-face we offer telephone counselling for those clients who find it difficult to get to our offices.

We have had excellent results using our approaches in this way and many of our interstate and international clients (or those that live outside the Hobart metropolitan area) appreciate having access to therapy when they need it.

It does help to have an email address or fax machine handy since we often send you information and written material, but even that isn't necessary.

As far as handling the fee is concerned, it is necessary that you have a credit card and that we process the payment before we begin sessions.  We do this one session at a time because you may need 2, 3, or 4 sessions or maybe only one.

This may surprise you, but with our approaches we have often extinguished long-term phobias, anger issues, depressions and other emotional problems within one session so we never book a block of sessions in advance.

Call us on 03 62292111 to discuss how we would address your problem. (International 61 3 62292111)

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