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Welcome to NewChoices.ws

Whether you are looking for help with an...
emotional issue,
a behaviour problem,
a conflict,
a relationship difficulty,
you want to really improve your performance in your career, sport, art, or
music, we're sure you will find some of the answers here. 

Perhaps you've always wondered exactly what happens in therapy or counselling, or how you could achieve more or perform better if you had
some professional coaching. This site will give you some of those answers
 and  if you don't find exactly what you're looking for you can always
telephone or email us and ask us.

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Now, as you can see, the links on the left give you a broad outline of what
you will find on this site - all the basic information and some other links
that you may find interesting.

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On the right side you will find FOUR broad categories that represent our
services.  If you click on the 'Overview' link under each heading it will take
 you to a more detailed menu of services. That will give you more specific
details of the types of problems we frequently deal with and you may learn
 more about specific cases that relate to those problems.  The names
have all been changed for obvious reasons.

If you want to contact us, we are available for...
  • one-on-one counselling and therapy face to face,
  • personal coaching for Performance Enhancement in business, sport, music or art, and
  • telephone counselling if it's difficult for you to get to one of our 3 offices (click here for details)

We are registered psychologists in Australia, and rebates apply from
your health insurance fund (depending on your cover, of course).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Happy browsing!

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